Choosing a filter on the photo-sharing app Instagram can be a tough decision. But a new study released yesterday by SimplyMeasured reveals the most popular filters used by top U.S. brands, including MTV, Starbucks and Nike, all of whom have more than 500,000 followers on the fastest-growing social photo-sharing platform.

Favorite Filters: The Most Engaging and Most Used

Lo-Fi remains the favorite filter among brands, seeing 16% of the filter usage. Here is the list below:

  1. Lof-fi 16%
  2. X-Pro II 12%
  3. Amaro 11%
  4. Rise 11 %
  5. Hudson 10%

Most interesting out of all the information is that Hefe has seen a higher engagement per use. While only 5% of the total photos have used the Hefe filter, those photos are averaging 4,515 interactions each.