I always love a good Kickstarter project and we all know how much I love Instagram. More the reason to highlight Instacube, an Internet-connected digital device that displays your Instagram photos at 3x their smartphone screen size.

A square box with rounded edges, wireless connectivity and a 600×600-pixel LCD touchscreen display, Instacube is designed to function as a “living canvas.” After connecting it to your home wireless network and your Instagram account, you can then use the three buttons on the top to power the device on and off, switch between Instagram feeds and to “Like” photos. (That last button is heart-shaped.) Depending on what feed you choose, you’ll see a rotating display of your own photos, the photos of the people you follow or images from the “popular” feed.

The device runs Android and is powered by a rechargeable lithium battery, meaning you can transport it and plug it in sans unsightly cables.

The team trying to make Instacube a reality is hoping to raise $250,000 on Kickstarter to bring it to market. Given that the device raised more than a tenth of its funding goal just this morning, we expect they’ll hit their mark well before the Sep. 21 deadline.

The first 1,000 backers to pledge $99 or more will receive an Instacube. A numbered “Collector’s Limited Edition” Instacube is also available to those who pledge $249 or more. Units are scheduled to begin shipping in Q2 2013.