About Jonathan Nafarrete


Social media strategist/photographer Jonathan Nafarrete (aka Jonathan360) began shooting mobile photography with the idea of fostering more social engagement around the images that he captures throughout his daily life.

In addition to capturing and sharing images through social platforms like Instagram, his photography has been seen in the LA Times, LA Weekly, Daily Mail, The Guardian, and Mashable.

Jonathan has appeared in national ad campaigns for Ford Motor Company and T-Mobile. He has also been seen in a social media reality series for MSN.

Most recently, Jonathan has collaborated with brands such as Audi USA, Sheraton, and Nike to capture real time images of events for sharing on Instagram and Tumblr.

He currently shoots with a combination of iPhone and film cameras and is the co-founder of VRScout, a virtual reality cinema and immersive storytelling media company.

You can also view his personal street photography on Tumblr.

Business Insider named Jonathan as one of the “Top Instagram Users that Advertisers are Dying to Work With” (2013) as well as “Most Creative People in Social Media Marketing” (2013).

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